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Soweto Spice Chunkalaka Braai Relish 700ml

Soweto Spice Chunkalaka Braai Relish 700ml

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Chunkalaka is our take on the classic Chakalaka. Infused with locally sourced ingredients, this relish that’s both chunky and flavourful. With every bite, you’ll savour the perfect balance of sweetness and spice.

Our relish is so versatile, it pairs well with anything from grilled chicken to juicy burgers, or even as a dip for your favourite snacks. Plus, it’s made with less sodium and sugar, so you can enjoy your meals guilt-free.

And for those with dietary restrictions, we’re proud to say that our sauce is 100% vegetarian and kosher-certified. Try Chunkalaka today and taste the difference of a truly South African relish. Plus, it’s a delicious cold-serve relish too! 

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