Beef biltong stokkies (little sticks) are on the dry side and made using a traditional South African biltong recipe.  It's perfect for a snack attack!  

Available in 4 flavours - Plain, Hot, Bbq and Safari.  Best kept refrigerated. 


Biltong BBQ Stokkies 1kg
Biltong BBQ Stokkies 250g
Biltong BBQ Stokkies 500g
Biltong BBQ Stokkies 750g
Biltong Hot Stokkies 1kg
Biltong Hot Stokkies 250g
Biltong Hot Stokkies 500g
Biltong Hot Stokkies 750g
Biltong Plain Stokkies 1kg
Biltong Plain Stokkies 250g
Biltong Plain Stokkies 500g
Biltong Plain Stokkies 750g